Why you should get a professional manicure

Why is getting a professional manicure important? And how exactly does one beauty technician differ from another? At the Organic Treatment Company we’re not just about our naturally sourced ingredients- we also believe in getting the best technicians to do the best job possible and this is why we believe you should get a professional manicure. Doing it yourself means more room for error Yes there are kits that allow you to do a manicure at home. But the thing is even if you carefully read the instructions and do everything you are supposed to do if you do not have the qualifications or experience of a professional there is always the risk for errors that can mean you get some odd looking results. More relaxing A good way to compare this is with going to a restaurant- ultimately you are still eating food regardless of whether it is bought from a vending machine at work, prepared at the kitchen table or made in a restaurant. However the additional professional touch can make a big difference! There is also the simple fact that a professional also has access to more advanced equipment. Going back to the restaurant analogy the equipment a professional chef would be more advanced than the items in a kitchen. This is also the case with a beauty technician- it allows them to create more effective results, making the manicure cleaner and smoother. More beneficial A professional manicure offers a range of benefits. A good example is the fact it softens and improves the texture of the hands, making them feel more pleasant. Given that touch is one of our main senses it is worth making that experience feel as pleasant as possible. What you may not realise is that it can also have health benefits- increasing blood flow, treating sore or broken skin and preventing nail damage all help to improve your health. The other big benefit is the reduction in stress- inevitably if you are trying to do a manicure yourself there is the additional element of having to concentrate on what you are doing. This makes the experience less pleasurable as well as the simple fact that you are not likely to get the results you would get from a professional. The reason we mention stress is because it is about more than fretting about what happened during the day- it is not just something that can make you feel bad at the end of the day- it can increase the risk of heart attacks, make you more prone to insomnia, not to mention making you want to reach for the snacks, cigarettes and alcohol as short term fixes (that sadly also make the health problems worse) Contact us We believe in the best results, using natural ingredients whenever possible. The best manicures are about more than just a way to switch off or looking pretty (not that there’s anything wrong with that either) For more information on our manicures, pedicures and other treatments (as well as how our mobile beauty team can come to you!) contact us today!