Why you should consider organic beauty treatments

For years the term organic brought with it certain stereotypes- it was often associated with depriving yourself of things. In recent times the idea of choosing something that has been created from naturally sourced ingredients isn’t because you want to be seen as “worthy”- often it’s because it is the better choice! Natural benefits As stated before there is no deprivation when it comes to using an oil made from natural ingredients. The feeling of a massage can be pretty much the same and the process is no different than using chemical based oils or other products. However one of the most crucial differences is the long term benefits. The fact is a lot of products use artificial additions such as sodium laurel sulphates. These are commonly used to reduce the cost of production, usually by increasing the shelf life of the products. The problem is that over time these products can end up drying out the skin- in the long term they are more harmful than beneficial, something that is not the case when using naturally sourced ingredients. Fewer risks of allergies A lot of the allergens in chemical based products do not occur in naturally sourced beauty products. Therefore if you are worried about potential allergic reactions you should consider switching to reduce the risk of redness and irritation. What is ironic is a lot of the time people use these products because they complain about sensitive skin when in actual fact it might be an ingredient in the product that’s causing it! Fewer headaches This is another one you may not be aware of- artificial fragrances used in beauty products can result in headaches. If you are susceptible to headaches or have had one for a while and not sure why you should think about cutting out products with artificial fragrances. Potential side effects Some products contain an artificial additive known as parabens. While studies into these additives are ongoing there are fears that because these mimic hormones in the body there is the potential for strange side effects in the body. Again it should be made clear that this is something that is still being looked into. However it is interesting to note that major producers of beauty products are increasingly offering paraben-free products, suggesting that they are responding to increasing awareness of the potential side effects of these preservatives. Environmental benefits Another big benefit is the fact that organic beauty products use fewer chemicals in the process. This means over time it reduces the amount of environmental damage that the process causes. Fewer people using artificially produced products means that there are fewer of these pollutants be added to the ground and the water. Our commitment This is why as much as possible we use naturally sourced ingredients and restrict the use of chemicals as much as we can. We believe in the benefits of our treatments and also want to reduce the harm as well. For more information on the range of products we have available and what we can do for you contact us today.