What’s the difference between, wax, hot wax and sugaring?

Sugar hair removal

You can be excused from not knowing the difference between sugaring and waxing, as they can be similar in their application.  However, despite the similarities they all have some key factors that affect your end result.

Hot Wax

Hot wax, is warmer and thicker than normal wax and sugaring. It is applied to your skin in think layers and built up to one thick layer. It then cools and sets on your skin allowing it to be pulled off without using a paper or fabric strip. 

Hot wax is ideal for your sensitive areas: for example the face and bikini line and is amazing at grasping the shorter, more stubborn hairs giving you the best results with less pain. 

Our clients love our hot wax for its gentle qualities and the fact it’s vegan! 


Sugaring, in its traditional form is scooped up into your therapist’s hand and rolled into a ball then spread over the area of hair to be removed and flicked off using a quick hand movement to remove your hair.

It can also be applied in the same way as waxing using a spatula and removed with a strip. Both methods have great results and leave no sticky residue as it’s water soluble.  

The major difference between normal wax and sugar is that sugar wax is all natural and has no chemicals. Its ingredients only consist of lemon, sugar and water. Therefore being a lot more gentle on your skin, compared to other waxes. It is known to reduce ingrown hairs and has natural antibacterial properties. 

Sugar only grasps to your hair and doesn’t pull on your skin making it less painful. It can be applied to the same area multiple times, without the need to use more product on the skin. This ensures that every last hair can be removed. Your end result is a perfect smooth finish without damaging the skin. 

Traditional Wax

Traditional waxing is heated to a high temperature, applied with a spatula and taken off with a strip. 

Waxing can leave your skin irritated as most contain a lot of chemicals and beeswax. Due to its heat it can contribute to leaving the skin red and causing discomfort. Overall normal wax isn’t as environmentally friendly, natural or as kind on your skin as sugar and hot wax. 

At Organic Treatment Company we choose to use hot wax and sugar wax over any other type of wax as we believe it’s the best choice for our clients.