What Is Lava Shell Massage?

Lava shell massage is one of those things that sounds strange and exotic, conjuring up all kinds of mental images about beaches and far off desert islands. However it is also something that is available here and now and it can also be hugely beneficial. In order to help you know why here is a quick guide to lava shell massage. Self heating The big difference between using lava shells as opposed to hot rocks and other such treatments is that the lava shells are self heating. What is interesting is that these came about as a waste product- while people in the Philippines enjoy eating tiger clams the shell is something that would otherwise be thrown out. Of course you may wonder how a shell can heat itself- this occurs naturally when you mix minerals, algae, salt water and essential oils. In our case the specially formulated gel contains magnesium and iron (something you probably remember from science classes!) The resulting reaction means the shells can be heated for more than an hour. The theory is that the shells mimic the touch of a human hand while at the same time providing additional benefits of using more heat. Why it’s beneficial You may wonder why it is so important that the shells (or rocks or anything else used in this kind of massage) need to be hot. There are three main benefits that make this particular massage so effective.
  • Easing tension- One of the biggest benefits of massage in general. Whether coming home from a hard day’s work or gearing up for a marathon, this is crucial. With heated lava shells this can go deeper, so if you have had a particularly stressful week or have gone a bit overboard in the gym this is something that’s worth considering.
  • Arthritic relief- Pain in the joints can seriously affect mobility. An effective massage can help to counter this, easing the pain of the condition.
  • Removes toxins- In conjunction with regular exercise and a healthy diet regular massage can clear away a lot of the toxins that can cause long term health problems.
  • Sleep better- People who have had the massage have often reported that they relax so well they fall asleep!
Benefits of going natural You may wonder why it is important to use naturally sourced ingredients. In theory it would be possible to use artificial equivalents that would achieve similar results. The problem is that artificial ingredients can create long term health problems. While it is yet to be confirmed that ingredients such as parabens can cause cancer or more serious health problems they can dry out the skin, ironically making the problems they’re supposed to treat worse! This is why we use natural ingredients. Combined with the experience of our beauty practitioners you can be sure that you can get the best service. Best of all with our mobile massage services we can come straight to you- contact us today to find out more.