What good elements are in our products?

Essential Oils

Derived from plants that have therapeutic and fragrant characteristics of the plant. They are entirely natural and are used for soothing, refreshing, cleansing and conditioning your skin.

Essential oils are removed from the plant using a method of distillation, often using steam.

Your health is our main concern. If you are pregnant please consult with your GP for advise on which essential oils you can use. If you have any allergies to plants, please get in touch so we can recommend the best products to use for your skin.

Herbal Extracts

A substance literally extracted from a plant. Used in harmony with the essential oils to provide a higher level of performance. As well as giving the properties of an essential oil, are rich in antioxidants, which means they help to reduce free-radical damage to your skin.

Vegetable Oils & Butters

Oils and butters are great for softening, nourishing, hydrating and smoothing your skin. They are also often vitamin-rich

*Whilst some of our products may contain parfum, which is usually listed as a nasty, the type we use is certified organic and therefore not toxic.

No animal by-products are used in any of our products and therefore we are proud to be vegan friendly

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