Tips for using organic beauty products

The Organic Beauty Treatment Company offers a wide range of products that use naturally sourced ingredients. While we use them in our various massages and beauty therapy treatments these are also available to buy from our shop. However some people have expressed concern about using organic beauty products online so here are some tips. Less is more One thing that may surprise you when using these products is the fact you need to use less of them. One criticism of some naturally sourced skin products is that they are more “oily” than some branded products. The reason for that is often because they use naturally occurring oils as opposed to products that are formulated with artificial ingredients. The sad thing is that these can often dry out the skin and ironically people find themselves using them more and more in order to moisturise their skin. Natural oils penetrate the skin better so you can use less of them. Furthermore as with any kind of treatment there are different types that are appropriate for different skin tones. Allergies and sensitivity The good thing about naturally based products is that it is clearer what they contain. This means that if you are allergic to certain ingredients then it is easier to avoid them. This is harder with artificially based items because it is not always obvious what they contain and therefore it is not always easy to know whether or not they are the cause of an allergy flare up. With sensitive skin we have specifically created sensitive skin items that are designed with this in mind. You can be rest assured that what you are using will benefit your skin rather than dry it out over the long term. It is also important to note that all our facials and treatments are designed to be safe for use on pregnant women as well. Treat a friend While we believe in the benefits of using natural ingredients in terms of your skin, health and environmental benefits there is also the simple fact that they are effective. This means that you can enjoy a facial, a massage or a whole range of other products. We also offer gift vouchers so if you think a friend, parent or anyone you know could use a little bit of rest and relaxation this could be the perfect gift for them. Pamper parties We believe in what we have to offer and feel it can make a massive difference. With our pamper parties we can show you, with our team demonstrating some great items and showing you how to use them effectively (as well as some great exclusive discounts). They are a great way to prepare for a wedding, a baby shower or simply a way to cheer up a dreary Wednesday! If you would like to know more about our range of beauty products, how we source them, get a gift voucher or arrange a pamper party please contact us today.