The right massage for you

Massage is not necessarily as simple as one treatment- there are different types that work for different people. This is why at the Organic Treatment Company we offer a wide range of massage treatments that are ideal for people with different needs. Below are a few examples of the kind of treatments we offer. Organic treatments The big difference with the Organic Treatment Company is (as the name suggests) we strictly use naturally sourced ingredients in our treatments. Aside from the fact it means people get a great feeling massage with great results there is also the fact that you know where the ingredients come from and that you get the best long term health benefits. Swedish massage Possibly one of the most well known types of treatment Swedish massage focuses on the face and body. This treatment is designed to be soothing and is ideal if you feel particularly stressed out (even a quick half an hour session can be massively beneficial.) Lava shell As the name suggests this treatment uses heat in order to soothe aching muscles (it is also useful for pain relief in arthritic joints as well as a useful method of removing toxins from the body. Originally a treatment found in the Philippines the massage involves the use of real tiger clam shells (directly sourced from the area as a result of food waste) and a mixture of minerals, algae, salt water and essential oils. Reflexology Reflexology is an ideal massage for people who want the benefit of the treatment but may feel awkward about taking their clothes off and having someone look at them. The treatment originated in 1913 although the principles of utilising pressure points in the hand and feet can be traced back to Ancient Chinese medicine. As well as reducing stress it is also said to be great for treating headaches and has been known to benefit people with fertility issues. Detox Have you ever had one of those mornings after a night out thinking “never again?” Perhaps you want to feel healthier but the juice diet and exercise are starting to grind you down. You want to treat yourself but don’t want to fail your healthy regime at the same time. Thankfully our detox massage (using lemongrass, mandarin and jojoba) can help you relax and recover without you feeling guilty about enjoying your “me-time!” Anytime and anywhere Massage does not necessarily have to be something you have to book a weekend at a spa for. With the Organic Treatment Company we can work around you- we are happy to come to your home, place of work, even convention centres or exhibitions! In short we can come wherever we are needed to help you relax. For more information on the treatments we can offer and to help you get the relaxation you need contact us today.