The History of Swedish massage

Throughout a number of spas, beauty treatment centres and physiotherapy sessions you will find people using Swedish massage. This particular technique is one of the most popular. But what is it and where did it come from? Development Swedish massage as we know it can be traced back to 1858. Per Henrik Lang referred to a technique he had developed called “The Swedish Movement Cure”. The technique was developed by Lang from a number of sources. He had an interest in gymnastics so he was already looking into making the body more flexible. This was then combined with physiology techniques that he studied from the Ancient Greek, Roman, Chinese and Egyptian cultures. Essentially what then followed was a fusion of ancient medical knowledge combined with a more modern medical approach. Technique The Swedish massage that Lang created was a mixture of long strokes, kneading, friction and combined with some tapping on layers of tissues against each other, the idea being that this increases blood flow. This particular technique has a number of benefits including- • Improved circulation- Useful to counter a number of conditions including cardiovascular problems and insomnia. • Easing muscle tensions- It doesn’t matter if you’re an athlete or simply stressed at the end of a long day, this can make a big difference! • Promote relaxation- While simply being able to switch off and release tension is beneficial in and of itself, stress relief is a big factor in reducing the development of serious conditions as well as reducing the need for harmful practises (ie you are less likely to smoke, drink alcohol or eat junk food excessively if you are not stressed). • Improve flexibility- Most athletes can benefit from increased flexibility. However even if you work in an office being able to bend down more easily and being able to move more effectively can always be beneficial! • Natural detox- An effective massage helps the body remove waste products more efficiently. Professional There are different ways the Swedish massage method can be applied and as with any technique it has been refined and developed over time. Depending on the need of the client it can be slow or fast. This is why it helps to use the services of experienced practitioners who know how to get the most from this particular method. Of course some people can feel intimidated by this. Massage often involves people being at close quarters with a person. However we are very strict on this and we make sure that our team is properly checked and vetted before they are allowed to practise. Likewise we ensure our clients are aware of our rules on this so that our team can perform without any inappropriate interaction. At Organic Treatment Company we believe in using organically sourced oils and products as much as possible. Aside from making it a more pleasant experience we also find it provides the best long term health benefits. For more information on this and to discuss our mobile massage and other services please contact us today.