The history of spa treatments

People often think of a “spa” as a modern idea. However the origins of this particular type of treatment go back further than you may think. In this article we’re going to look at where the idea of spa treatments come from and how they came to be thought of as beneficial for health. Earliest evidence The city of Bath has long been associated with health treatments involving spring water- it was said in 863 BC that Prince Bladud was cured of leprosy thanks to bathing in the hot muddy water in the area at the time (interestingly of course mud treatments are still very much used today, although thankfully not so often to treat leprosy!) Throughout many ancient Civilisations both hot and cold treatments involving bathing in water have thought to be beneficial as well as being a key part of religious ceremonies. Even today there is the idea of baptism “washing away” sins and in phrases such as “cleanliness is next to Godliness.” Romans It was the Romans who began to create the concept of spas being a place of rest and relaxation (although as with a lot of their philosophy this was developed from theories and practises that originated in Ancient Greece.) Around AD 43 the Aquae Sulis in Bath was specifically developed as a getaway to help people rest rather than as a garrison. Indeed recent evidence suggests people often did head there as a holiday! Science In 1707 Dr William Oliver published “Practical Dissertation on Bath Water” in which he spoke of a number of conditions that could be treated with spa treatments, extolling the virtues of this particular area. Over time spa water was more and more associated with rest and rehabilitation. The Victorian era emphasised the idea of natural water being a method of cleansing the body while in the First World War wounded soldiers were sent to spas to aid their recovery (this would have been especially important as many suffered from “shell shock” what we now refer to as post traumatic stress disorder.) Today Spa treatments continue to be popular today. As with older traditions there is still an element of using them for health- the idea behind a detox retreat is not so far removed from the historical origins of spa treatments. At Organic Treatment Company we realise the value of learning from these ancient techniques while at the same time using modern methods. Both of these can be built on and this combined with organically sourced ingredients help you to get the full benefit from our treatments. Ultimately whether you want to relax and unwind after a hard day or are looking to cleanse your body with detox techniques we have methods that can help you. You can check our website to find our full range of packages to find something that works for you or you can contact us and we will be happy to recommend something that will be ideally suited to your needs.