The history of fake tanning

When looking at the origin of fake tanning it is interesting to note that the idea of a tan being attractive or beneficial is only a recent phenomenon. Historically a tan was associated with working outside and this meant you were not of a higher class so it was actually more fashionable to be pale. So what changed? Coco Chanel Coco Chanel is a name that is synonymous with fashion. The story goes that the fashion for having a tan can be traced back to an incident in 1923 when she accidentally caught the sun and tanned her pale skin. Given her status as a fashion icon this then went on to become a trend, thus our current desire for a tan effectively happened by accident! Fake tan During this time many people experimented with methods of fake tanning (including using teabags!) The first commercially produced fake tan was produced after the Second World War. Called “Man Tan” this was derived from chemicals in sugar cane known as DHA. Strangely enough DHA remains an ingredient commonly used in many fake tans to this day. The bad rep Unfortunately over time fake tans began to get a bad reputation. This was because people complained of the excessive orange colour and streakiness that meant the fake tan looked a little bit too fake. Sadly this has meant that spray tans and tanning in general has suffered a bit of bad PR in the process- sometimes fairly but unfortunately (pun intended) this has tainted an entire industry somewhat. Going natural Fortunately there is a way of counteracting the overly fake look of a fake tan. In recent times people have realised that you can create a more natural look simply by using more natural ingredients. While this still uses DHA the difference is if it is found from a natural source the effect tends to look more like a proper tan without the neon orange or streakiness. Choose a professional Of course another aspect with spray tan or other artificial methods of applying fake tan is how it is applied. Choosing the wrong tone for your skin, adding too much or not applying it properly can all result in you getting your tan noticed for all the wrong reasons! This is why we recommend using a professional spray tanning service. Our Sienna X package takes only 15 minutes of setup time, is specifically matched to your skin tone and uses nourishing ingredients such as enzyme Q10 to keep your skin healthy as well as getting the best tanning effect. Aside from our regular client based it has also been used on a number of top television shows and high profile celebrities. If you would like to know more about Sienna X you can check the section on our website or if you have any more specific questions about this or any other of our treatments you can contact us today and we will be happy to go into more detail.