The benefits of corporate on-site massage

People seeing the title of this article may think this is strange. Surely a personal massage specialist would be an extravagance? What benefit could it have? However the fact is in the long term corporate on-site massage could have some massive potential benefits. Stress One of the biggest problems with work is stress. There is an argument that we need a little bit in other lives in order to react to pressure situations. Indeed some people pride themselves through powering through difficult situations. The problem is that this “powering through” could be potentially doing more harm than good. Excessive stress can be very harmful on the body, especially in terms of the increased of strokes and heart failure. You can also physically see it in terms of tension in the body and this in turn increases the risk of injuries. Benefits One of the biggest benefits of a massage program is reduced absences. Absenteeism can seriously affect a business. Anything you can do to improve the health of your workforce will reduce the amount of people calling in sick, reducing the need for additional recruitment. Another big benefit is that people who are relaxed are less likely to want a cigarette, go for more breaks and so forth. While a break is important the danger of the indulgent approach is that even this “buzz” becomes formulaic after a while and it can be hard to properly relax. There is the addition of increased motivation- if you feel that your workforce cares enough to offer you regular massage sessions then you are more likely to be loyal to that company. Anytime and anywhere A good example of a useful time for on site massage is at an exhibition. People at trade fairs need to be on their feet for anything up to 10 hours a day and it can be very gruelling. Having someone on site to give them a massage gives the exhibitor a much needed break but also ensures that they can power through the day without feeling that it has been too difficult and they are more likely to be motivated for the rest of the exhibition. Equally this service could apply to conferences, meetings, and even brainstorming sessions. It may sound strange but we are often at our most creative when relaxed, so if you and your team are feeling a creative block it could be worth a try! Why us? The Organic Treatment Company prides itself on using the best professionals and the best natural ingredients. Aside from the fact that it makes for a great massage it also means you get the best long term benefits from your treatment. The best part is we can come to you and a time that is convenient for you! For more information or to arrange a session please contact us today and we’ll be happy to go over options with you!