The benefits of a home visit massage

“After some initial scheduling issues, Natalie seemed to go out of her way to book me in at a convenient time and came and delivered a fantastic – I mean fantastic – massage/ scrub detox treatment at my home. I have just booked my next treatment and so wouldn’t hesitate to recommend OTC to others…Thanks!” –Miriam One of the big problems of modern life is stress. It can seem that there are not enough hours to do what needs to be done in the day and this can then have a knock on effect. The problem is that while a massage could help with this scheduling time to go to a treatment centre can also add to the hassle. This is why at Organic Living we offer a home visit massage service. Stress is a big factor in a lot of health issues. It results in people not being able to sleep and this in turn affects your health. It also increases the risk of strokes, heart attacks and has been known to make chronic conditions such as asthma worse. Massage helps to reduce stress for a number of different reasons. It lowers the heart rate and increases the production of endorphins, known to increase positive feelings. It also controls the levels of neurotransmitters, helping to reduce the onset of depression. However it is not just stress relief where massage can be beneficial- it can also increase flexibility, reduce pain and increased healing time from injuries. For athletes it is especially useful because it makes it easier for them to perform better for longer. It should be emphasised you don’t necessarily need to be a top athlete to benefit from increased flexibility and pain relief- furthermore the improvements in breathing and sleep patterns should also help to counter the effects of stress on your body as well, regardless of whether you are a marathon runner or you work in an office (or both!) The other benefit of using a home visit massage service is if you have mobility issues. Some treatment centres may be difficult to access whereas if a professional comes to you they can work around you and your space at home (with the additional benefit of being more comfortable). At Organic Living we offer a number of different types of massage. For example some are more effective as detox treatments while others work better as stress relief methods. We have fully trained professionals who will be able to work with you and recommend the methods that are best suited to your personal requirements. In short Organic Living can provide what you need in order to get the most from your massage. Furthermore we are dedicated to using natural and organic ingredients, ensuring that you get the benefits from our treatments in both the short and the long term. With our home visit massage service you can also ensure that our service can fit in around your schedule. For more information on the massage services we provide you can go on our website or if you have more specific questions please contact us today.