The benefit of Hopi ear candles

People can be cynical about alternative treatments such as Hopi ear candles. However this is something we offer in a number of our packages (include our hotel treatments). It may seem strange but it is something that can help with a number of ailments. Origin The Hopi were a Native American tribe whose name translates to “peaceful people”. This ear candle technique (also known as thermo auricular therapy) uses moulded hollow tubes. Traditionally these were made from linen and used honey and powdered herbs including sage and camomile. However while this technique is often referred to as a Hopi candle similar techniques were also performed in Ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt. It is interesting how a lot of these older techniques are becoming more recognised and helping to benefit people. How it works A candle is positioned in the ear and is burned to a level before being extinguished in water. The ears are then massaged to ease pressure points and increase blood flow. Benefits Benefits of the procedure include- • Ease the symptoms of ear and sinus problems • Reduce irritation in the nose (ideal for colds) • A method of reducing stress (often the case when it comes to improving the circulation in the body) • Reduce pain and ringing in the ears (can ease conditions such as tinnitus) • Reduce the build-up of earwax in the ears • Pressure regulation using this method can help reduce headaches and migraines • Increase blood circulation in the ear Things to be aware of This treatment is suitable for a lot of people- however it may not be suitable for people with perforated eardrums, people with inserted grommets and if anyone has any allergies to the ingredients use in the ear candle. Using a professional It is possible to get ear candles and use them yourself. However it is a procedure where you need to know how long to burn the candle and to ensure it is properly extinguished. This may sound obvious but this is important to know both in order to get the full benefit as well as ensuring that it is done safely. Of course with some people they may feel that they don’t want to go out to a salon or spa in order to get the treatment. Fortunately we have mobile treatments that allow people to get the benefit from treatments such as Hopi candles. If you have any concerns regarding allergies, how the process works and how long it takes we can offer information to allow you to decide what is right for you. We also pride ourselves on offering organic ingredients as part of the treatment. This is not just in terms of environmental benefits but also because we find these tend to get the best long term results. If you would like to know more about the packages we have to offer and the level of experience that our beauty practitioners can provide please contact us today.