Sugar hair removal London

When it comes to beauty treatments hair removal is not an easy thing to discuss. However it is something that often needs to be done and when done right it can be good for the skin and make you feel more confident. There are various treatments you can use to remove hair from your body. Some are more effective than others. One you may not necessarily have considered is sugar hair removal London. Fortunately this is one treatment the Organic Treatment Company have a lot of experience in and can ensure that you get effective results. What is it? Simply put is about using a sugar based product to remove hair. The problem is that some sugar hair removal products can be artificial. This is not simply saying everything should be natural- there are definite benefits to using natural ingredients when it comes to hair removal. The reason for this is because natural ingredients are better in terms of looking after the skin. If you have sensitive skin a natural sugar is more effective. It is also better for people who have problems such as ingrowing hair that can require special maintenance. It is not just in theory either- tests have shown that hair density was reduced by 80% after 56 days. So aside from using a more natural approach you can be reassured that it gets results as well! Threading As well as sugar treatments we can also do threading- this works more effectively than plucking because it pulls out a number of hairs rather than one (we can also offer eyebrow threading that allows for more precise control as well as being gentler on the skin.) Professional Of course when it comes to dealing with removing body hair there is the fear that it could potentially be painful. Fortunately we have experienced beauty practitioners to hand who can guide you through the process and ease you into it as much as possible. As well as making sure you are comfortable they can also offer advice on aftercare once the treatment is finished, reducing any future pain or discomfort and offering guidance on best long term skincare after the treatment. Coming to you The next question is “how far do I have to go to get this treatment?” This is another benefit- the Organic Treatment Company beauty team can come to you! We can arrange an appointment that is convenient for you and arrange a treatment for you. This is ideal because you can relax in your own home environment and enjoy the treatment at your own pace. It is also ideal because people can find this awkward and it means they don’t need to feel self conscious. If you would like to know more about our sugar hair removal London, threading or any other of our treatments contact us and we will be happy to discuss it and how we can offer the best organic ingredients combined with the experience of our team.