Stubbington Salon & Spa

Sometimes you need a bit of time to yourself. You need to have some time and space to relax and enjoy yourself. With the new Organic Treatment Company Stubbington Salon & Spa you can enjoy all the great products and treatments we can offer at a great location with all the facilities you need. Stress less One of the biggest problems for people’s health in modern times is stress. This is not just in terms of the mental effects (although that can be serious). Stress can also increase the risk of breathing problems, strokes and has been known to be a trigger for people with severe allergies and chronic issues. Therefore a salon treatment can often be a great way to get away for a while and enjoy the relaxation you deserve at the end of a long week or if you simply want to pop in when it all gets a bit much! Going organic Why is organic so important for spa treatments? This may sound odd but it can actually make a crucial difference. Using natural ingredients in the long term is more effective than products that use artificial preservatives or additives. The reason is that in the long term these can actually dry out the skin as opposed to keeping it supple. We carefully source our ingredients to make sure we get the most effective natural treatments. After all this is something that people have been doing for centuries, going back to the Egyptian times and possibly even before that. Professional But it’s not just the products that give you long term benefits- we have a team of experienced beauty technicians, massage specialists and other health and beauty treatment practitioners who are all more than capable of ensuring you get the most from your time at the spa. After all for some people it can be a bit intimidating at first but our team is experienced enough to know how to put people at their ease and ensure they get the most from their time at the spa. We also offer gift vouchers (you can even get them online) so if you know someone who could use a little rest and relaxation this is the perfect gift to surprise them with- while it’s not always easy to know what people like the chance to get a massage or a bit of a break from the daily routine to ease back and enjoy yourself while being pampered is hard to turn down! In short what you get from our Stubbington Salon & Spa is exactly what you get from our mobile treatments and products- the best possible quality, giving you the classic spa treatment in terms of luxury and enjoyment but also in terms of relaxation and the best long term benefit for your physical and mental wellbeing. For more information about the spa and the range of treatments we offer please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss the best treatments to suit you.