Lava Shell Massage

If you are looking for a spa treatment that gives you a deep relaxing massage this is the perfect treatment.
Heated Tiger Calm Shells sit in the palms of your therapist and massaged over your entire body. Penetrating heat deep into your muscles to release tension and ease aches and pains. 
Designed to create a sense of balance with body and mind this the perfect tranquil spa massage. The shells are self heating, using a blend of Minerals, Algae and dried sea kelp and can stay hot for up to a two hours.
Offering either a back, neck and shoulder or a full body treatment 
Great for:
Muscular pain
Relaxation of the mind and body
Spa day
30 mins Lava Shell back, neck and shoulder massage £45
60 mins Lava Shell Full body massage £67.50
Upgrade your Spa experience with a Sensory Retreats Dreamy Eyes Self-Heating Eye Mask – Jasmine Scent £5.50

Each Dreamy Eyes Self-Heating Eye Mask is designed to help you switch off and completely unwind.

The soothing and relaxing jasmine scent, combined with the gentle heat and blackout properties, help relax tense, tired eye muscles, easing you into a deep state of relaxation ready to drift off to dreamland.

Ideal for those who struggle to sleep, for those wishing to sleep whilst travelling, or for those who suffer from computer-related eye strain. Dreamy Eyes masks are also great for kids who’ve had too much screen time, encouraging relaxing downtime and helping to counteract the effects of eye fatigue from overexertion.