Eyelash Extensions

EyeLash Extensions

Lash extensions are the most effective way to have lashes without the faff of mascara. We can create the perfect set, be it full on party lashes or a more natural style.

We have a specific way of doing lashes here at OTC.

We are passionate about lashes, always perfecting new styles for each individual client. We give you a consultation before your treatment to ensure you get the perfect set. A patch test is advisable but not essential with lash extensions if you sign a waiver.

What we offer

* Vegan glue

* Vegan Lashes

* Flat split ended lashes for a fluffy look

* Volume lash pre made fans for speed and perfection

* Thick lashes for a more fuller, darker look

What is a Classic set of lashes?

Lashes start off smaller closer to the bridge of your nose. Getting longer towards the middle of the eye, then smaller towards the end corner of your eye. Using the same thickness of lash throughout. We apply an individual fake lash to an individual natural lash. As your natural lashes start to shed, the fake lash will also fall with it.

What is a Russian or Volume set of lashes?

Russian and Volume are one of the same, different lash artists use different names.

We apply a fan of 3-12 lashes (depending on the strength of your natural lash) to each individual natural lash. Giving you a fuller and thicker set of lashes.

We use a selection of pre made volume lashes for speed and perfection.

What is a Hybrid set of lashes?

Hybrids are a combination of Fans and individual lashes, lengths and thicknesses. Creating either a more dramatic look such as a cats eye style with longer lashes on the end or a spiked effect style. Or they can also be a more natural style and follow your exact natural lash line. Not all your lashes are the same length and thickness so a hybrid set can mirror this.

Maintaining your lashes long term.

Your lashes will start to shed over time so after two weeks we recommend an infill. This is where we will replace lashes that have fallen or grown out. Having a by weekly top up will keep your lashes looking full and clean.

We cleanse your lashes to remove any residue of make up and daily dirt. Separate each lash as they can start to fuse together and fill in the gaps and replace old lashes with new.

Due to our technique we only infill on our own lashes.

We do not offer an infill on other lash artists work from a different salon.

Removal of lashes.

A removal of lashes is using either a cream or gel remover, both are vegan products.

When do you need a removal?

*If you are transferring from another salon to OTC

*If your natural lashes are not healthy

*If you want a completely different style


Full sets Up to 2 hours

Classic  £67.50

Hybrid /Volume £79

Infills Up to 1 hour

Classic £28

Hybrid /Volume £49

Rockstar infill – A quick 30 min topup 1 week infill £27

Removal £17.5