Preparing for your first mobile beauty treatment

There are a lot of benefits to having a mobile beauty treatment. One of the biggest is that the therapist comes directly to your home, allowing you to be more comfortable. However some people may feel intimidated if it is their first time so here are a few tips to help you. All our therapists are properly checked It is only natural to be nervous about having someone in your house you don’t know. This is totally understandable and why we thoroughly check anyone who wants to work in our company as a mobile beauty technician. While the experience of the technician is important being able to trust them as people is just as vital. If you are still concerned we are happy to show you the qualifications of our technicians as well as details of our insurance policy so that you can be rest assured that you can trust the person you will be letting into your home. Do what works for you Some people feel more comfortable with music on in the background. Others may prefer a film or the TV. Whatever personally puts you in a more relaxed mood is fine. Generally speaking with most treatments the best preparation is to have a warm bath or shower before you start and then put on a robe, giving you the chance to physically get out of your day clothes and switch off. Talk to the therapist If you are not sure how the treatment works you can talk to the therapist about it. Some people are uncomfortable being in a state of undress around strangers. This may not necessarily have to be the case- some treatments only require removing clothes from around your shoulder area. A therapist can also let you know how long the treatment will take, giving you more of an idea of how the process works. Sensitive skin It can be daunting if you have sensitive skin and about to take a beauty treatment. Fortunately the Organic Treatment Company has products that are specifically designed for that, allowing for the same benefits without the risk of irritation. Allergies Another possible problem can be allergies. However if you inform them our experienced beauty technicians can find treatments that are specifically designed with your allergies in mind so that you can be assured that you can enjoy your treatment without the risk of exposure to allergens (we provide a form before the consultation so you can fill this in prior to having a treatment.) Tipping Tipping your beauty therapist is not obligatory. However if you do feel they have done a great job it would be gratefully received! Beauty treatments can be great for the skin, relaxing and most of all a pleasure and a treat. With a mobile technician there is the added benefit of not even having to leave your home. If you would like to know more about this and other treatments we offer please contact us today.