Plump skin in 5 simple moves

 Use a good quality oil as a massage medium. Jojoba is a great hydrater so this is always my favourite but a good quality cold pressed organic coconut oil or grape seed is a good supplement.

Firstly apply a little oil to your hands and palms then:
  • lightly drag your palms in an upwards motion from your neck up to your forehead to one side of your face and then to the other side. Do this enough times to get an even coverage of your chosen oil all over you neck and face.

  • Using your index fingers lift your skin upwards from the neck to the forehead again on both sides.

  • Using your index finger and middle fingers massage in a circular upwards motion all over the neck and face.

  • Using your index finger find a wrinkle you don’t like and Massage deep in circular movements in that one spot without sliding on the skin over that pesky line, this will help to relax the tense muscle that is making the line.

  • Finish off by using your index finger and middle finger to lift your eyebrow. Raise your hand above your eye and using your fingers quickly lift and release the brow with both fingers, it feels weird but trust me it opens your eye up a treat.

Ta dah! Do this daily (I know you won’t so weekly is fine) and your skin will thank you for it staying plumper for longer.

Highly concentrated, gentle exfoliating cleanser with crushed rosehip kernel to brighten your skin, blended with hydrating palarosa and antioxidant white & green tea to help restore your skin’s natural moisture balance. A little goes a long way
Rose & Camelia Facial cleanser
A soft balancing daily cleanser, that will remove make-up and grime whilst balancing the skins natural moisture levels. An intense combination of anti oxidant white & green tea, hydrating palmorosa and nourishing rose, leaves your skin fresh and revitalised.
A gentle floral water high in anti oxidant white & green tea with nourishing rose and hydrating palmarosa. It will help fight free radicles and balance the skin’s natural moisture.
Rose & Camellia facial oil
Specially blended to help restore radiance to dull and dehydrated skin. Massaging your skin with OTC rose-infused facial oil will promote a brighter, more youthful complexion. Massage is an important step in your organic facial routine. It relaxes muscles, increases circulation, oxygenates cells and helps expel toxins.