Pamper parties Portsmouth

There are numerous reasons why someone would want pamper parties Portsmouth. It could be a special surprise for a birthday, something to cheer someone up going through a tough time or something when you just need to relax. Whatever the reason we have the pamper party for you! The Organic Treatment Company offers a wide array of great stuff for people to try (as one of our customers put it “this is like being in a sweet shop with the added advantage of being pampered at home”.) As well as being able to try the products you also get an exclusive discount. However it is fair to ask why these products would be preferable to others out there. As the name suggests we offer organic ingredients- this is not only an ethical choice but also better for your skin (it means you don’t have any unnatural additives that ironically dry out the skin in the long term.) But while getting the chance to sample goodies is all well and good it helps if you have someone around to help you get ideal items to suit you. This is why our team is on hand to answer any questions you may have about the items available in our range, including where we source the ingredients from, why we use specific types of ingredients and the theory behind the various treatments we do. Aside from being a good guide to our products it is also a good way to learn more about the ethos of our team and why we are committed to doing things organically. When we say “our team” we are talking fully qualified beauty technicians, skin care specialists, reflexologists and professional massage experts. These are the people who use these items on a daily basis and know how to get the most from them. They will also be there to offer demonstrations so you get the full experience of how to use any items and also get the chance to properly relax and unwind. Best of all when it comes to our pamper parties Portsmouth we go direct to you- this means if you want organise a surprise party we can come at exactly the time you need us and get everything hidden up. Equally if you want something to help distress before having a baby, a wedding or indeed just need to take the edge off a hectic week we can arrange to come at a time that suits you. Ultimately if you want to relax it should not be stressful arranging it! If you would like to know more about our pamper party service or would like to arrange one in time for a specific event or person please contact us. We will be happy to go over the options available to you, as well as full details on what you can expect (for example there is a minimum spend of £75 on products but with the additional demonstrations and treatments it’s well worth it!)