Organic treatments and health

Massage, spa treatments and other treatments can be enjoyable and relaxing. However there is also another aspect on why they are important. It may surprise you to know that these treatments can also be vital for both mental and physical wellbeing. Looking after your skin One reason we use natural ingredients is the simple fact it doesn’t age the skin like artificial ingredients. In the long term it is better for you which is why we make extra effort to source the best natural ingredients for our clients. Holistic theory For a long term Western medicine was mainly about the idea of cause and effect- something made you ill, therefore you needed to know what would cure it. While this is still important there is also the holistic side of health people need to consider. Simply put this means that the mind can affect the body and the body can affect the mind. One of the best examples of this is with stress- the chances are you have felt your body tense up during moments of stress and over time this tension can also affect your physical wellbeing. Over time it is possible to reduce the effects of stress. This is both in terms of recognising its effects and avoiding bad reactions to stress but also where possible taking steps to make yourself healthier. Stress less Reducing stress is good for a number of things- aside from being better for you mentally it also reduces the risk of heart problems, strokes, insomnia and has been known to reduce flare-ups of chronic conditions such as asthma or IBS. Nutritional therapy As well as offering massage and other relaxation treatments we can also offer the services of our nutritional therapist. This is not about “diets”- it is about looking at an individual, their goals and how to adjust their particular eating and exercise plan to suit them and their circumstances. This is also about changes to your lifestyle- for example if you are someone who has a tendency to snack at work they may encourage you to bring in food to avoid temptation. Equally it can be about gradual changes in other aspects, for example slowly cutting down on caffeine or looking for snack substitutions (unsalted nuts for crisps, dried fruit instead of chocolate and so forth). Food intolerance tests This is something that has to be clarified- this service we offer is about testing to see your reaction to a particular food. An intolerance is not the same as an allergy- an allergy is a faster reaction and more likely to have a severe effect on someone immediately after exposure whereas someone who is intolerant to a food can eat it but it is more likely to cause them discomfort. Making it better Making things better doesn’t have to be boring! Our work helping you with your health can also be combined with pampering, relaxing massage and the best part is we can do it while coming to you. For more information on our help with nutrition and long term health please contact us today!