New Salon procedures – COVID-19

New Salon procedure as of 14th June 2020

It is very important that we keep our clients, staff and salon safe and free from any infection. Therefore, please help us and follow our new procedures. 

  • If you do have any signs of Coronavirus, including, high temperature, cough, Headache, fatigue, please do not enter the salon. If you have an appointment we will reschedule your appointment. 
  • We will take staff and client temperatures daily, if you are not willing to have your temperature taken please advise at the time of making your appointment.
  • We have installed a new doorbell intercom system at the back and front of the shop, Please ring the bell once and wait for the intercom to be answered. You may be asked to wait in your car if you arrive early for your appointment. 
  • Please enter the salon via the front, we will take your temperature and sanitise your hands and ask you to fill in a covid-19 form for track and trace purposes.
  • We have placed hand sanitisers throughout the salon, at the back door, at the front door and in the treatment rooms please use this when entering and exiting the rooms and salon. 
  • We would kindly ask that all personal possessions are kept in your bags whilst in the salon, please do not have your mobile phone or wallet out on the desks or tables.
  • We would like to ask all our clients to sign up to our app and make appointments online
  • We have included an extra 15 mins into each appointment so we have time between clients to clean the area thoroughly ready for the next appointment.
  • Please arrive at the specified appointment time
  • If you are late for your appointment we may have to reschedule to be able to keep on time for the next appointment booked. 
  • We have placed tissue boxes on all stations and in all treatment rooms, please use these if you need to sneeze or cough and dispose of in the bin provided next to the stations. 
  • We will still be accepting cash payments. However, we would prefer payment to be made via our app or contactless / card, we have provided a dabber for the chip and pin machine so you do not have to touch the keypad. 
  • We have provided one use hand flannels in our toilet to dry after washing your hands, please place these in the laundry basket in the toilet after use. 
  • We will provide you with a disposable mask when entering the salon. Please remove this when leaving by gently pulling the ear fasteners off slowly, do not touch the front of your mask. (COVID-19, is like glitter is will very easily scatter so removing your mask slowly and from the elastic bands will avoid any particles from scattering) 
  • Staff will be wearing PPE such as masks, visors, gloves and aprons. This will be changed for each client. 
  • We will be taking deposits for all treatments of 50% of your treatment cost in the event of having to reschedule your appointment due to COVID-19 this deposit will be carried over once only. If you do not show to your appointment deposits cannot be carried over. 
  • Membership appointments will also be carried over once only in the event of having to reschedule due to COVID-19
  • Due to the extra time we have had to add to each appointment for cleaning and also the cost of all the new PPE we have had to increase our treatment and membership prices slightly. 
  • Until the government has given us clear and strict guidelines there may be some treatments that we are not able to carry out safely. If you have one of these treatments booked then we will reschedule this free of charge and your deposits will be carried over.
  • Please be aware that if your appointment is booked online it will be subject to change in the event that the therapist chosen is not available.
  • Until further notice we will not be able to provide hot beverages in the salon. If you wish to have a coffee or tea please bring your own and take your cup away with you. 
  • We will be providing ‘Cano Water’ either still or sparkling in a can. 
  • Please exit the salon via the back door