Massage in Fareham

Are you looking for massage in Fareham? Perhaps you have heard about the benefits of massage but are nervous of going out for it. If that is the case with our mobile massage services you don’t have to worry because we can come straight to you. The Organic Treatment Company is a group committed to ensuring the best possible massage and skincare treatments using natural products. The reason we use natural and organic ingredients in the oils and other items we use is for the simple fact that these are the best ingredients to use! Aside from the relaxed feeling you get when you are being treated with a natural oil there are also more long term health benefits. Massage in and of itself has a lot of health benefits- it is a great stress reliever and this has been known to be a big factor in serious long term health conditions such as strokes and heart problems (studies have also shown that skin problems such as eczema can be worsened by stress). We offer a wide range of massage services. Most people are aware of the classic Swedish massage, focusing mainly on the face and body. This is the ideal treatment for anyone just needing something to ease and relax. However we also offer a specialised de-stress massage using lavender, marjoram and mandarin oils. Of course if you are passionate about sport then you will be aware of the benefit of massage. Our deep penetration muscle ease treatment uses ginger, lemongrass and rosemary oils and is ideal before an intense training session (or even a marathon!) In some cases it may be that you overindulged a bit and need something to take the edge off. We also have something for this- a detox using juniper, lemon and black pepper oil to clear toxins and generally get you feeling better the morning after the night before. In short there is a wide range of massage services available. Of course if you are looking for massage in Fareham you are probably wondering where you will have to go to get our treatments- the good news is that we can come directly to you! With our mobile massage service we can arrange a time that is convenient for you and best suited for your specific requirements. There is no need to worry about appointments as you set the time, allowing you to get comfortable. We also offer a range of pamper parties for special occasions, so if you have a big event coming up or know someone who could use a bit of pampering we can sort that out as well. For more information about massage in Fareham as well as our product ranges and what would be best suited to your personal circumstances please contact us and we will be happy to discuss this! In short we are confident that if you want a massage that works we can do it- go organic and you won’t regret it!