Massage for work, rest and play

Yes we are borrowing a phrase from a certain well known confectioner’s! However it is true- massage is something that can be a massive benefit to people in a number of different scenarios. Whether you are recovering from an injury or looking to run a marathon massage has a lot of potentially great benefits. Work Some people see the ideal worker as someone who gets through a tough day, doesn’t complain and “gets on with it.” The problem is even the toughest worker can feel the effects of a long day and nobody is superhuman. Eventually long hours, poor posture, staring at screens for hours on end and so forth will eventually have an effect on people’s health. This is why we recommend our corporate on-site massage services. We can work around your schedule, providing you and your workers with some much needed relaxation that can help them get through a tough day while at the same time feel like they are being valued by your company. Rest Stress is a big factor in having problems while sleeping. It can make breathing problems worse and is a known trigger for chronic conditions such as asthma or eczema. Therefore we recommend having a massage session such as a Swedish massage in order to relax and generally get yourself feeling better. Of course “rest” can also refer to recovery. Our services can also include helping people to recover after suffering from long term injuries, proving both a physical and mental boost to their recovery. Play The problem with “playing hard” is that you are more likely to get yourself injured. Increasingly more sports are embracing the benefits of increased flexibility- years ago you would not have heard Premier league footballers talk about the benefits of yoga or other flexibility increasing exercises but now they are talked about as key methods to boosting their chances of success on the field. Massage has long been a key part of this, both in terms of warming up and preparing for sport and for winding down afterwards. We have specific treatments for people preparing for endurance events such as marathons, so if you have a big event coming up you should talk to us! Of course “play” can also refer to messing about and enjoying yourself- with our pamper parties we can make sure you have a great time trying out our excellent naturally sourced products and celebrate a special occasion at the same time! We come to you It doesn’t matter where you are- we can come to you! Whether you want us coming to your house we can arrange it for a time that’s convenient for you. For more information on the range of massage treatments we offer please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss the best options to suit you.