Make your hotel visit more relaxing

For some people a stay in a hotel is great and a fun part of a holiday. For others it may be something they have to do as part of their job, meaning that far from being relaxing it can result in homesickness and stress. Whether you want to make the most of your stay or make it a bit more bearable we can come to you. Cutting out stress If you have to use hotels a lot for work it can be stressful. Going from place to place tends to involve a lot of travel and this in turn means it’s harder to relax (not to mention stiffness that can occur as a result of sitting and driving a lot). Inevitably this can take its toll on even the most experienced of professionals. Therefore having someone to hand who can provide a massage or a facial can give you that much needed relaxation time, while at the same time clearing out any stiffness and reducing stress. If you are feeling a bit ill we can provide treatments such as Hopi ear candles and detox packages to help you feel better. We can even provide massage chairs so you can get the benefit of a massage before your next conference! Pampering However it is not just about practicality- sometimes it is just nice to relax and enjoy yourself. We can provide waxing, tanning and makeup, giving you something a little bit extra special so you can enjoy your stay. This is especially good if you are about to get married or you are on your honeymoon, making an already great day that little bit better! Long term benefits The strange thing is long term benefits can also be a part of getting a massage, facial and so forth. Stress reduction alone can reduce the effects of a lot of chronic conditions, improve blood circulation as well as reducing the risk of heart problems and insomnia. Approved At the Organic Treatment Company we already work with a range of boutique hotels. Therefore it’s reassuring to know that when we come to you that you are getting the best quality treatment. Furthermore we use naturally sourced and organic ingredients so you not only get the best treatment but you also receive more long term benefits as natural ingredients won’t dry out the skin like more artificial ingredients can do. Of course people can be nervous about this- however our team of beauty technicians have been vetted and verified. You can set the day and time of the appointment, giving you the chance to settle yourself and be ready when they arrive. Whether you have a particular favourite type of music or something to help you relax we can help you prepare. Plus there is the added benefit of being able to check our prices beforehand so you know what you are getting without adding to your hotel bill. If you would like to know more about the range of hotel packages we have to offer please contact us today!