Major Benefits of Reflexology

Reflexology is a treatment performed on the pressure points of the hands and feet. While the treatment officially dates back to 1913 the principles are very much based on Ancient Chinese medical philosophy. This is something that can massively benefit your health both in the short and long term. Here are just a few examples of this treatment can do for you. Stress relief The theory is that applying pressure to points in the body allows for a better blood flow. This means that the nervous system in effect rights itself, allowing you to find balance in your body. Illness prevention Reflexology can be used to detect problems before they occur. A reflexologist will be able to look into this and use the treatment for this. The treatment can also be used as a complementary medicine alongside other treatments. Anyone can benefit Simply put everyone has the same setup in their body- therefore anyone can potentially benefit from a reflexology treatment. It may seem strange but organs and glands are connected through the hands and feet, therefore the treatment can apply to anyone. No serious side effects One of the big problems with treatments for various illnesses is that they can suffer from side effects. Reflexology can be pleasant and relaxing but any side effects tend to be feeling more relaxed than anything particularly serious. Better sleep The relaxing part of reflexology is ideal for people suffering from problems sleeping- people often feel a trance-like sensation that makes it easier for them to go to sleep. Reduce pain and stiffness Because this treatment targets specific pressure points you can get to the root of any pain and stiffness. Other issues
  • Reflexology has been shown to be beneficial for people with fertility issues
  • It can reduce long term headaches
  • Can counter hormonal imbalances
  • Can provide pain relief for a range of issues
Long term treatment It is said that the benefits of a reflexology treatment can last up to 7 days. However with regular appointments it is possible to get the benefits of the treatment over a longer term period. Coming to you Some people can feel intimidated going to a spa or health centre when wanting to book a reflexology treatment. This is where we can help with our mobile reflexology service- we can come to you! The good thing about this is you can make the environment comfortable- put on your own music, wear your own robe and generally relax. Our experienced reflexologists can guide you through the process, answer any questions and generally put you at ease. As the name suggests at the Organic Treatment Company we believe in offering treatments with naturally sourced ingredients. Aside from being better for the environment in the long term it also means the treatments offer the best health benefits. For more information on the services we have to offer contact us today and we will be happy to guide you through what we can do for you.