Lets talk brows!

Microblading, Ombre, Dusty, Pixel, Blade & Shade, Combo brow - you may  have heard all these words being used in regards to semi permanent make up. But what does it all mean? All of these names relate to SPMU - semi permanent make up. SPMU is a form of tattooing which implants pigment into the skin, but does not go as deep as normal body tattooing. Microblading use's a manual hand held tool to create the appearance of of fine 'hair strokes' throughout the brows. Manual shading can be added to add depth and fullness and create a more powdered look. Machine SPMU - is also tattooing, but uses a small pen like machine to implant the pigment. Ombre - a soft transition from a darker tail into a softer/lighter bulb (front of bulb) Dusty - an even softer version of the Ombre brow to give an extremely soft effect. ideal for clients wanting a very delicate hint of colour and a subtle shape. Pixel - a method used to give a 'pixelated' tiny dot like appearance. Can be delicate or built up for a stronger look. Blade & Shade - Microblading with shading. Combo - a Combination of tools and/or techniques used. If you would like to book a complimentary consultation with Zara our brow specialist click here