How our treatments can make your life better

At Organic Treatment Company we offer a wide range of treatments including massage, facials and Hopi candles. While in the short term a massage or a facial can be pleasing and relaxing this is just one example of how our treatments can benefit your life in the long term. Better skin You may wonder why we focus on natural ingredients as opposed to artificial ingredients. In the short term you may not necessarily see the difference. However in the longer term artificial ingredients dry out the skin, effectively contradicting what they are supposed to be used for. Reduced stress It is not simply a case of feeling a bit worked up. Stress can have both physical and emotional effects. This is why massage can help- when you are stressed you literally feel tense and that physical tension makes you feel uncomfortable. Getting a massage helps to clear that. Furthermore stress means you increase the risk of flaring up chronic conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. It can also result in the increased risk of breathing problems, heart problems and insomnia. Therefore anything you can do to reduce stress (without resorting to smoking, alcohol or comfort eating) can benefit your health. Better athleticism If you are looking to run a marathon or compete better in a team sport then getting the most out of your muscles important. Having a professional massage you means you get someone who will know the results you want and to give you the right kind of massage to get those results. Treat specific conditions Our treatments can also be used to treat various conditions. For example Hopi candles can be an effective method for treating tinnitus, while reflexology can be used to help with a wide variety of conditions as a lot of the pressure points in the feet can link to various parts of the body. More productivity If you run a business you may think “Paying for my employees to have massages? What’s the point?” Actually there are several- the first is that people who are happy tend to stick with the company they work for and tend to be more productive. Furthermore people who have massages tend to get sick less and therefore you get fewer people off sick, thus reducing productivity. Finally if you are looking to entice people to work for you additional perks can make all the difference. So a little extra spend on massages could result in getting the best people to work for you. We can come to you In order to get the full benefit of massages, facials and other treatments it helps to use the services of professionals and effective ingredients. Our organic ingredients ensure you get the best long term effects. Furthermore thanks to our mobile massage services we can offer them direct to you! For more information on our range of massages, facials and other treatments and packages please contact us today and we will be happy to help you find the right option to suit you.