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A spa day in the comfort of your own home

Imagine the bliss of a perfect spa day. The warmth, the relaxation, the total escape from the outside world. Now imagine not having to end your day by going out into the cold, getting squashed on the bus or driving all the way home.

That’s the spa experience that Organic Treatment Company creates. By bringing our treatments straight to your home, we can help you keep that post-spa glow for as long as you like.

You can choose from three different spa packages each very different from the next and all exclusive to Organic Treatment Company and its mobile therapists.

Once you have experienced one of our home spa packages you will wonder why you ever ventured outside to an actual salon.

By having your treatments at home you can create your perfect setting, choose your own music to relax to, wrap yourself in your own grown and feel totally relaxed in the fact you are free to do whatever you want as soon as the treatment is finished. Relaxing in your own comforts with an organic tea is all part of our service. After all it is all about you.

Choose from the following spa packages:

Cleanse and Detox | up to 2 hours | £125
Full body exfoliation | full body massage

De-Stress package | up to 2 hours 45 minutes | £145
Mini facial | mini manicure | mini pedicure | full body massage | scalp massage

Energy Revive package | up to 1 hour 30 minutes | £105
Mini facial | indian head massage | hand and foot massage