Home massage South East London

“Organic Treatment Company was great in accommodating me last minute. Scheduling it was a breeze with the office and Jila was on time and very professional. Great value.” There are a number of benefits to getting regular massage treatments. However for some people they may find it difficult to get to a physiotherapist or clinic. Fortunately at Organic Living we can offer a home massage South East London service that can ensure you get the benefits of a professional massage without having to leave your home. One of the biggest benefits of massage is stress relief. Stress has been shown to exacerbate a number of conditions, increasing the risk of strokes, heart disease and is thought to be a potential trigger of chronic flare ups such as IBS. Furthermore the decrease of cortisol levels during massage also helps to boost the immune system. For athletes massage is especially beneficial as it helps to increase flexibility. It makes the joints more fluid and reduces the risk of injury. It is also useful as a tool for rehabilitation after injuries as it increases blood pumping around the body, speeding up the body’s natural healing process. At Organic Living we offer a wide range of massage treatments, designed with specific needs in mind. For example our muscle ease massage combines deep tissue movements with natural ginger, lemongrass and rosemary oils and is ideal as preparation for long distance running or any exercise that requires a lot of stamina and effort. We also offer the well known treatments such as the Swedish and Indian Head massages. The Swedish massage is generally the choice for people who want something a bit more soothing while the Indian Head massage is ideal if you desire something a bit more invigorating. If you fancy something a little different we also offer the Lava Shell massage. Using tiger clam shells from the Philippines and a mix of algae, minerals, saltwater and essential oils this treatment uses heat to penetrate deep into the muscles. It works especially well as a detox treatment and is also great for relieving pain caused by arthritis. The crucial thing to emphasise about Organic Living is we only use naturally sourced organic ingredients. Furthermore our services are provided by fully trained professionals who know how to ensure that your massage treatment gets effective results, whether you want to reduce stress, get some much needed pain relief or a number of other short and long term benefits. Remember to check the website as some treatments can be done fully clothed if you would prefer (ultimately we want our clients to feel comfortable with us as this will make the process easier!) As well as all these benefits there is also the advantage that our home massage South East London service can work around you. Because we come to you this means we can come at a time that is convenient to you and suits your needs and schedule. If you would like more information or you have any questions please contact us today.