Have You Considered Massage at Your Workplace?

It may sound absurd- the thought that your workers all stop to have a massage. But like a lot of considerations businesses have to make you may not have considered the long term benefits of offering massages at your workplace and with the Organic Treatment Company’s mobile massage corporate packages we can offer it to you. Relatively inexpensive The good thing with a mobile massage service you do not need to have any actual specialist equipment in your business. A reasonable sized room with access to a sink can pretty much do the trick. The added benefit of the mobile service is that you can set the time when people come in, allowing for this to be set aside at a point that works for your particular timeframe. Hidden benefits How much has your business lost in terms of sick days or compensation payouts due to injuries? In 1992 a business in Ontario reported that sick days were reduced by 25 per cent after they put in a regular massage programme and they also saved $200,000 in reduced worker’s compensation costs. Gets you through the day The fact is working life is stressful. Whether you are a manual labourer or taking calls in an office it can be both physically and mentally taxing. This can mount up over time and inevitably this can have a big hit on the morale of the workforce. This is why the massage can be a great benefit- instead of going outside for a smoke or a coffee this is healthier. Furthermore an additional perk like this can often be something that can attract new employees and to prevent current staff members looking elsewhere. There is also the practical aspect- if a call centre has to be open for a certain amount of hours it can be hard to change the workload without hiring new people in. As with any business decision you need to look at what would work best in terms of long term benefits. That extra edge Of course it is not necessarily just the workplace where people need the benefit of reduced stress. Sometimes you may have to give presentations or you are self employed and travel a lot. In this instance giving yourself time to relax and unwind before a big presentation or while travelling can help remove a lot of the anxiety that can make it harder to deliver a big speech or cope with homesickness. Find out more The Organic Treatment Company not only provides professional massage using qualified practitioners but we do so using naturally sourced ingredients. This is not just something we do on principle or as a marketing gimmick- it is also for the simple fact that the natural oils we use are better in the long term for the skin, preventing it from drying out and helping to achieve better results. We are confident that we can offer the ideal corporate package for you and your workforce. To find out more contact us today.