Get better nail treatments with us!

At OTC we believe in better treatments. Where possible we source organic ingredients and if this is not possible we look to ensure they are chemical free and as natural as we can. This is not because of a personal preference- it is actually better for you! Zoya Nail Polish Our beauty technicians use Zoya Nail Polish. Aside from the fact it is free of chemicals such as camphor and formaldehyde it was also found to be the longest wearing natural nail polish in an independent test in Women’s Health Magazine. This polish is the only non-organic item we use in our manicures and pedicures but even then we believe that it is the best item to work with and it is the best for our treatments (also with over 300 colours to choose from it does give you the best options for a stylish finish!) Manicure Our manicure packages start with the mini manicure, a 30 minute treatment that will give you a soak, a shape and a polish. However if you really want to treat yourself we recommend booking a deluxe 1 hour and 15 minute session comes with shaping, cuticle tidying plus a light hand and arm massage to really make the whole experience that little bit more luxurious. Pedicure As with the manicure there are deluxe and mini options available. The mini option is best if you don’t have a lot of time but want to neaten up your toes while the deluxe is better if you have a little more time to spend and want to get the full experience, in effect making it both a chance to get your nails done and enjoy a bit of pampering. In both cases they finish off with the colour of your choice so it really depends on what your budget is and your own personal preference. We can come to you Of course you may read this and think “But I don’t have time to go out and get a pedicure!” Here’s the thing- with our mobile services we can come to you. Whether it is something you want to do to ease the stress of the day or you want to organise your own pampering party our team can come to you at a time that suits your needs. We have a team of experienced beauty technicians who will be able to put you at your ease and make sure that they find the ideal treatment that works for you. As stated before we strive to use natural and organic ingredients as much as possible. This is not because we believe it to be “better” in a simple moral sense- the fact is that natural and organic ingredients tend to be healthier for the skin and are better in the long term than using products that contain chemicals or are not naturally sourced. For more information about the range of beauty and other services we offer please contact us today!