Five Big Benefits of Massage

When people hear the term “massage” it is generally thought of in terms of something luxurious. And it is true that there are massages that can just be nice and relaxing. However there are other benefits that you may not necessarily have thought of and here are five big ones you might want to consider. Lowering stress This has to be near the top of reasons to have a massage. There is of course the emotional aspect- while a little stress can motivate you a lot of the time it is not fun to live through. Also you are more likely to rush decisions, eat junk food, drink alcohol and smoke more. But the main reason lowering stress is important is the knock on effect- it can make chronic conditions worse, cause insomnia and increase the risk of developing strokes and other health problems. In short massage is a healthy way to counteract this. Less illness Recent studies have shown that massage boosts the immune system, helping your body fight off viruses (especially worth it during the colder months when there always seems to be something going around). Help with mental illness Other studies have looked at the effect of massage on mental illness, finding that it can help to reduce the symptoms of depression, stress and anxiety. While nothing can cure mental illnesses as such it can be a key part of a program to help people cope. Manage pain Massage is often a part of physiotherapy. If you are recovering from an accident or trying to shake something off before the big match this can be crucial. Be fitter So it is fair to say massage is not a substitute for exercise. However in conjunction with regular exercise it can improve performance, reduce tension and also reduce the risk of injuries. Professional As with anything it helps to use the services of a professional when it comes to a massage. We pride ourselves on using experienced beauty technicians who are qualified to offer their services. We use oils produced from naturally sourced ingredients that have been proven to get the best possible results (and without a lot of the long term problems that can occur with using products that use artificial additives such as parabens). As you will see from our website we offer a range of massages that have been specifically tailored for different people and their needs. Someone training for a marathon will have different needs to someone with mobility issues. This is why we have services that have been adjusted to suit people’s requirements. We understand it can be intimidating for some people which is why we offer mobile massage services- these can come to businesses, hotel rooms and even your own home. In short we are confident that at the Organic Treatment Company we can offer you a massage service that can help both your physical and mental wellbeing. Contact us today to find out more and to book an appointment that is best suited to your needs.