A guide to organic beauty treatments

People don’t tend to think of “beauty treatment” and “organic” in the same sentence. The term organic brings to mind fields and nature while beauty treatments sound artificial. However this is simply not true- if you think about it organic beauty treatments have been around since Egyptian times (and possibly earlier than that!) Why go organic? In simple terms organic in this instance means natural ingredients that have been sourced from specific areas. For example with our lava shell massage treatment our lava shells are real tiger clam shells sourced from the Philippines. However it is not just choosing natural ingredients for the sake of it- there is also the fact that using artificial ingredients can be harmful for your skin in the long term. For example a lot of products use sodium laurel sulphates in order to prolong the shelf life of their skincare products. While this does make the products cheaper to produce it does also mean that using them can dry out your skin if you use them over a long term period. Examples We offer a range of treatments. For example we offer a sugaring and threading waxing system. Because we use natural ingredients the sugar waxing is ideal for people with sensitive skin and furthermore studies have shown the hair density was reduced by 80% after just 56 days of doing this treatment. Threading is what we offer for facial hair- while tweezing removes single hairs our doubled thin cotton threads are twisted and rolled over in order to remove hair at the follicle level. We can also offer eyebrow threading which people often prefer because it offers more precise control than eyebrow waxing. If you want a treatment to relax and unwind the Rosa Facial is 60 minutes of chilled out bliss- using oils cold pressed from the hybrid rose developed by Dutch rose breeders in the period between the 17th century and the 19th century. This treatment not only includes a wrinkle reducing facial but also a skin analysis, double cleanse, exfoliation  as well as a shoulder, head and neck massage! Professional At Organic Treatment Company we use experienced professionals who specialise in a variety of treatments. This means you can be sure that whether it is a facial or a waxing the person doing it knows what they are doing and you will get the full benefit from it. Anytime and anywhere Finally one of the biggest benefits of the massage treatment from the Organic Treatment company is you don’t have to go anywhere for it! With a mobile massage service and mobile beauty treatments the team can come to you- whether at home, at work or at a convention centre you can arrange a time for them to arrive that is convenient for you. For more information on the range of treatments we have available or to book an appointment please contact us today and we will be happy to go over all the options available to you.