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Stubbington Salon & Spa

Sometimes you need a bit of time to yourself. You need to have some time and space to relax and enjoy yourself. With the new Organic Treatment Company Stubbington Salon & Spa you can enjoy all the great products and treatments we can offer at a great location with all the facilities you need.  …

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A guide to organic beauty treatments

People don’t tend to think of “beauty treatment” and “organic” in the same sentence. The term organic brings to mind fields and nature while beauty treatments sound artificial. However this is simply not true- if you think about it organic beauty treatments have been around since Egyptian times (and possibly earlier than that!) Why go…

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Massage for work, rest and play

Yes we are borrowing a phrase from a certain well known confectioner’s! However it is true- massage is something that can be a massive benefit to people in a number of different scenarios. Whether you are recovering from an injury or looking to run a marathon massage has a lot of potentially great benefits. Work…

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The right massage for you

Massage is not necessarily as simple as one treatment- there are different types that work for different people. This is why at the Organic Treatment Company we offer a wide range of massage treatments that are ideal for people with different needs. Below are a few examples of the kind of treatments we offer. Organic…

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The benefits of corporate on-site massage

People seeing the title of this article may think this is strange. Surely a personal massage specialist would be an extravagance? What benefit could it have? However the fact is in the long term corporate on-site massage could have some massive potential benefits. Stress One of the biggest problems with work is stress. There is…

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Massage in Fareham

Are you looking for massage in Fareham? Perhaps you have heard about the benefits of massage but are nervous of going out for it. If that is the case with our mobile massage services you don’t have to worry because we can come straight to you. The Organic Treatment Company is a group committed to…

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Pamper parties London

Do you have a friend who is in need of a bit of pampering? Perhaps they’ve just split up with their partner or they are feeling stressed at work. Whatever the reason our pamper parties London are just the thing to get them feeling like themselves again! Of course there are other reasons why people…

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Return to glory- Use our organic treatments

Have you been feeling rundown lately? Has it got to the point where you have trouble sleeping? The chances are you are stressed and you need something to take the edge off it. However instead of going for comfort eating or booze relax with something guilt free and try some treatments from the Organic Treatment…

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Pamper parties Portsmouth

There are numerous reasons why someone would want pamper parties Portsmouth. It could be a special surprise for a birthday, something to cheer someone up going through a tough time or something when you just need to relax. Whatever the reason we have the pamper party for you! The Organic Treatment Company offers a wide…

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The benefits of mobile massage services in London

Massage can be beneficial in a number of different ways, both in physical and mental terms. It can be something pleasant to help you unwind at the end of the long day. However it can also be more than that- it may even save your life! This is why we offer mobile massage services in…

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Different types of home massage services in London

The Organic Treatment Company is dedicated to providing massage services that not only benefit people’s health in the short and long term but also does using natural ingredients. One of the big reasons people often use massage services is that they want to relax. One of the best examples of this kind of treatment is…

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Home visit massage London

People tend to think of massage as something that you do as a luxury. It has an air of something you do because you want to treat yourself. While this is true a home visit massage London service is about more than pampering (although there really is nothing wrong with that!) One of the big…

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Mobile massage South East London

Massage can offer benefits in both the short and long term. Aside from the initial pleasure of relaxing there are a number of other ways that massage can help you- it can help people recover from injuries, increase stamina and more. Furthermore we can offer mobile massage South East London services. One of the problems…

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Home massage South East London

“Organic Treatment Company was great in accommodating me last minute. Scheduling it was a breeze with the office and Jila was on time and very professional. Great value.” There are a number of benefits to getting regular massage treatments. However for some people they may find it difficult to get to a physiotherapist or clinic.…

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How to get Mobile beauty Bromley

Beauty therapy sessions can be great for a number of reasons- it’s a chance to sit back and relax but it can also provide great stress relief and generally give a boost to your self confidence. The best part is with our Mobile beauty Bromley service we can come to you! A lot of companies…

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The benefits of a mobile massage therapist London

“It was fantastic to have a massage at home, as I was able to fully relax during it, without having to worry about traveling home afterwards. The massage was fantastic!” — Lucy When people think of massage they generally think of spas or athletes getting a physiotherapist to prepare them for their next big race…

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The benefits of a home visit massage

“After some initial scheduling issues, Natalie seemed to go out of her way to book me in at a convenient time and came and delivered a fantastic – I mean fantastic – massage/ scrub detox treatment at my home. I have just booked my next treatment and so wouldn’t hesitate to recommend OTC to others…Thanks!”…

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What is stress? and how to reduce stress levels

what is stress?

A question we think we all know the answer too, or do we? There are so many different side effects to having stress it might not be that easy to notice. Lets take a look at a few side effects; Do you or anyone you know suffer with any of the following? -Anxiety & worry…

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Nutritional tips for healthy, glowing, beautiful skin

Stay young and beautiful. Its not all about pampering yourself with beauty products and facials. Research suggests that nutrition plays a huge part in keeping our skin healthy and a diet high in processed or refined carbohydrates and unhealthy fats promotes skin aging. That is why After the holiday season our skin might not look…

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Welcome Ella's Kitchen corporate wellbeing days

Ella's kitchen | corporate wellbeing | otc

We are so excited to be working with Ella’s Kitchen. It’s so lovely that they reward their staff members with wellbeing days. Treating your staff to a regular de stress treatment can increase their motivation, reduce absenteeism, reduce RSI and generally give a feeling of appreciation that so many hard office workers long for. What…

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Mothers Day Special

deluxe manicure |Mothers day ideas| mothers day spa package london | mothers day present | organic treatment company| mothers day special offer

Mothers day gift ideas Mothers day special offer Deluxe manicure with free gift This mothers day spoil mum with a home spa treatment – give her a deluxe manicure and it comes with a deluxe Gratiae nail kit worth £25 completely free! Our professional fully insured mobile beautician will visit you or your mum or both! At your…

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Exhibition and event massage

trade show, exhibition ideas.

Do you exhibit? Be it a trade show or an event With more companies competing for the best leads its important to get your stand perfect, your sales pitch tweaked and have something unique to grasp the audience of potential new clients and also keep your current clients happy when visiting you at your exhibition. Coming…

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Tip of the day! Do's and Dont's on skin care routine

My tip for today is a simple one that we can all do. When using cotton pads to remove any make up or when cleansing the face, ALWAYS use organic cotton pads and make sure they are damp. Rinse under cold water and squeeze out any excess water leaving the cotton pad drip free but…

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In Partnership with Tisserand and Barefoot

We are pleased to announce that OTC now has an official partnership with the makers of Tisserand and Barefoot skin care. It is a great pleasure to be able to continue to work with both these brands and deliver them to our clients in our treatments. We love the Tisserand oils and have created bespoke…

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