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Archive for December 2015

The history of fake tanning

When looking at the origin of fake tanning it is interesting to note that the idea of a tan being attractive or beneficial is only a recent phenomenon. Historically a tan was associated with working outside and this meant you were not of a higher class so it was actually more fashionable to be pale.…

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The history of spa treatments

People often think of a “spa” as a modern idea. However the origins of this particular type of treatment go back further than you may think. In this article we’re going to look at where the idea of spa treatments come from and how they came to be thought of as beneficial for health. Earliest…

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The History of Swedish massage

Throughout a number of spas, beauty treatment centres and physiotherapy sessions you will find people using Swedish massage. This particular technique is one of the most popular. But what is it and where did it come from? Development Swedish massage as we know it can be traced back to 1858. Per Henrik Lang referred to…

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The Origin of Reflexology

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Reflexology is a very beneficial treatment. It may seem strange but a lot of conditions can be traced back to points in the feet. In this article we will look at where reflexology came from and how the treatment has developed over time. History The tradition of reflexology can be traced back to a couple…

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