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Archive for November 2015

Major Benefits of Reflexology

cleanse and detox package

Reflexology is a treatment performed on the pressure points of the hands and feet. While the treatment officially dates back to 1913 the principles are very much based on Ancient Chinese medical philosophy. This is something that can massively benefit your health both in the short and long term. Here are just a few examples…

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What Is Lava Shell Massage?

cleanse and detox package

Lava shell massage is one of those things that sounds strange and exotic, conjuring up all kinds of mental images about beaches and far off desert islands. However it is also something that is available here and now and it can also be hugely beneficial. In order to help you know why here is a…

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Have You Considered Massage at Your Workplace?

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It may sound absurd- the thought that your workers all stop to have a massage. But like a lot of considerations businesses have to make you may not have considered the long term benefits of offering massages at your workplace and with the Organic Treatment Company’s mobile massage corporate packages we can offer it to…

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Five Big Benefits of Massage

Mobile therapist | Organic Treatment Company | de stress package| spa packages |mobile spa | mobile massage

When people hear the term “massage” it is generally thought of in terms of something luxurious. And it is true that there are massages that can just be nice and relaxing. However there are other benefits that you may not necessarily have thought of and here are five big ones you might want to consider.…

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