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Archive for September 2015

Why you should use a professional beauty technician

There are a range of treatments you can get from a salon, spa or from a mobile beauty treatment company. However it is fair to ask why you would want to use a professional rather than do these things for yourself. After all there are kits that let you do them yourself right? While this…

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The benefits of a pedicure

At the Organic Treatment Company we pride ourselves on offering the best experience using naturally sourced ingredients whenever possible. A good example of this pedicures and today we’re going to be looking at the benefits of getting a pedicure and why you should be booking yours as soon as you can! Appearance This one is…

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The difference between intolerance and allergy

At Organic Treatment Company we don’t just offer beauty treatments and massage. We also believe in raising awareness of nutritional health and part of this is through our intolerance testing service. But what is the difference between an intolerance and an allergy? Confusion It is important to realise that intolerance and allergy are two things.…

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Why you should get a professional manicure

mobile beautician | manicure |pedicure

Why is getting a professional manicure important? And how exactly does one beauty technician differ from another? At the Organic Treatment Company we’re not just about our naturally sourced ingredients- we also believe in getting the best technicians to do the best job possible and this is why we believe you should get a professional…

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