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Archive for August 2015

How to get the best beauty treatments

A lot of places offer beauty treatments. However it can be hard to know what places are the best for you. This is not to say that some are necessarily better or worse than others more that it is about being comfortable. This is why we’ve offered a quick guide to help you. Reputation Talk…

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What to do before getting a pedicure

In some respects a pedicure can be quite a personal thing. If you think about it unless it’s summer or we’re going swimming we don’t really expose our feet to people. Therefore it is understandable that people can be a bit nervous before their appointment. This is why we wanted to write this so you…

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What to do before getting a manicure

At OTC we believe in the professionalism and the quality of our beauty technicians. With our chemical free and (where possible) naturally sourced and organic ingredients we are confident we can get the best results if you come to use for a manicure. However there are a few things you can do to prepare before…

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Get better nail treatments with us!

At OTC we believe in better treatments. Where possible we source organic ingredients and if this is not possible we look to ensure they are chemical free and as natural as we can. This is not because of a personal preference- it is actually better for you! Zoya Nail Polish Our beauty technicians use Zoya…

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