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Archive for June 2015

A guide to organic beauty treatments

People don’t tend to think of “beauty treatment” and “organic” in the same sentence. The term organic brings to mind fields and nature while beauty treatments sound artificial. However this is simply not true- if you think about it organic beauty treatments have been around since Egyptian times (and possibly earlier than that!) Why go…

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Massage for work, rest and play

Yes we are borrowing a phrase from a certain well known confectioner’s! However it is true- massage is something that can be a massive benefit to people in a number of different scenarios. Whether you are recovering from an injury or looking to run a marathon massage has a lot of potentially great benefits. Work…

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The right massage for you

Massage is not necessarily as simple as one treatment- there are different types that work for different people. This is why at the Organic Treatment Company we offer a wide range of massage treatments that are ideal for people with different needs. Below are a few examples of the kind of treatments we offer. Organic…

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The benefits of corporate on-site massage

People seeing the title of this article may think this is strange. Surely a personal massage specialist would be an extravagance? What benefit could it have? However the fact is in the long term corporate on-site massage could have some massive potential benefits. Stress One of the biggest problems with work is stress. There is…

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